Sports Photography and Videography

The student section storming the court.

A mother embracing her son after hitting the game-winner with no time left.

A relay team awaiting its fate after breaking record after record.

A wrestler becoming the school’s first four-time state champ. 

Behind every photo is a story.

With more than 2 decades of state and national award-winning sports journalism and photography, you’re getting more than just action photos of your star. 

You’re getting a documented story told through imagery that words fail to describe.

We want you to feel at ease when watching your children compete on the field or court.

You should be able to enjoy your child’s game and not miss a moment.

Action Photography

We offer single-player and team game passes along many other products, including our popular Sports Poster.  Continue reading below for more information. 

Sports Posters

Our sports designs are multiple images composed into one single image are eye-catching and tell another side of the player or team’s story. Composites are sold separately from the photo pass. Player posters are designed to be printed as an 8×10 or 16×20 poster.

And trust us when we say that you need to have this blown up because it looks incredible when it’s hung up. It looks even better on canvas or metal. 


When you’re asked numerous times if you offer sports videography and get tired of saying no, what do you do? In 2021, we began delving into video with the Reno Huskies volleyball team, which finished in the top four in the largest classification (5A) in Nevada. We now offer game videography where we will capture the action and edit these to spectacular highlight reels. We also create hype videos, which are perfect to get the players and their community extra excited for the upcoming season.

Team and Player Portraits

Since 2018, we’ve been photographing team and player portraits for various youth and schools in Northern Nevada. We offer both traditional and modern setups. To learn more about our Team and Player Portrait Photography, click on the link below.

Senior Banners

Banners are available in multiple sizes and the digital file is provided for printing, or you can order printing through us. Banners are designed using a digital background or the available sports environment (court, dugout, etc.).

This design service is only available to programs that hire us to capture their team and player portraits. The cost for the design and digital file is free to the school, but printing is extra.